Output Art

May 2016

Curated by InLiquid

Output Art features artwork that explores how digital artwork can be made through a procedural approach: gather data, run an algorithm, output the art.

Leo Hylan’s Twitter Zombie is an ever-changing video feed that scans Twitter for images and posts and often reflects what is trending at the moment. It can be directed by incorporating hashtags but still remains essentially random and dynamic. Similarly, Jeff Brown has created a series of sculptures called the Grand Canyon Redux using existing geographical data. The size of the landscapes is drastically reduced and either printed or carved using a 3D printer or CNC Router. Bill Cromar takes an existing work of art, Renato Bertelli’s famous “Profilo Continuo of Mussolini”, and replaces the subject with an open-mouthed Donald Trump. In doing so, he is inserting a contemporary concept into an existing form.

Opening Reception: Friday, May 6, 5 – 8 pm