Molly Soda

December 2014

Exhibition Curated by Tyler Kline.

Net Art Provocateur Molly Soda’s work explores persona, mimesis, and transfiguration through the corporal lenses of a being whom has seamlessly absorbed digitation, augmented reality and late stage capitalism. Razor sharp .gifs, media culture meltdowns, digital expressionistic video, and owning the voyeur define her aesthetic/area. Her audience literally becomes her, through the conduit of the net, the distinction between performer, entertainer and flaunter is negated, the body becomes communal, location becomes displaced, reconfigured, immediate, yet remote.

Highly self aware; yet the hard edges are carved by the other, the hive mind, Molly Soda, a 25 year old working out of Detroit, has come to embody a female sense of self that speaks of endurance, self reliance, ambiguity, nostalgia, x-burb collapse, confession, empowerment/vulnerability, and solidarity. This is the letting go, this is the understanding that we do not own, we collaborate.

About the artist:

Molly Soda is 25 year old digital artist working out of Detroit; distributing her work globally, she navigates social media platforms such as twitter, tumblr, and newhive with a faux naivety that entrances the viewer, creating tension with the underlying control and sophistication of her constructed personae. Educated at New York University, Molly Soda is able to live outside the major metropolis, exploiting the hinterland and its satellites to transmit her aesthetic.