Martin Peeves™

November 2014

Exhibition curated by Avtomat.

MartinPeeves is the critical mass of New Media. MP sought out new media to embrace new forms forms of artistic expression. Pushing the limits of what can be accomplished artistically with consumer technology and moving toward a reduction in the use of physical matter over digital mediums to produce art. “Create everything from thin air.” or “Slip it all into your pocket and walk away.” the artist suggests trying out what can be created with the phone in your pocket, before picking up a paint brush.

PeevesPlayHAUS, the artists first solo exhibition of his work, serves to passionately to promote the New Media genre. Grinding against the puzzle: How do you own the work of an artist working in new media? MartinPeeves™ serves up the prototype for the irrepressible nascent New Media movement.